Book of the week: SAP Netweaver PI – Development 2nd

This week’s book a rather technical book about how to develop in SAP PI.

The book is SAP NetWeaver PI Development: Practical Guide by Valentin Nicolescu et al


I have recorded a video to tell more about the book.


Text version

Hi this Daniel Graversen, I am founder of PI Architecture and SAP Mentor. And today I would like to talk you about a book I have just read the practical guide you as PI development. This is well the newer release 2nd release not that new any more I think it has well 2nd edition 2010, general edition 2009 so at this moment it felt the it covers PI 7.1 and in the end it has some references to what’s going to happened in PI 73, one of good things like about the products is conscience a lot of good to trial for what you can do with PI and step by step really details in all different aspects for this thing you need to for you need to do this I think does like 200 or 300 pages almost 250 pages of exercises where goes to 4 or 5 different exercises with all the different steps you need to take for this you know success. And you may put all different aspect existing in PI infrastructure so that’s criteria an interesting way to look at the information. I have been working with PI for six years now so and lot of the things is bit to basic for me so problem was applied for as much but for some one who has not started to use PI the book is some good example for how to get started what the different scenario is have you do mapping and suffer that from and the more advance prospects of the some description on the mapping may be that is step you to learn more if when you start working with PI what is of the different function how did they work together I am stop like that so that some thing that you need to focus on after you have read the book in start with PI. I would say about it yep it did have some interesting things that I did not know before, did you notice so that was starting interesting one thing was using the some regular expressions when you selecting the date and the condition it does have and don’t have before so that’s also a quite interesting and from lot of all the naming inventions the using in the book I am not that farm of the house but that’s a completely other topic but yep it is a good book it gives some good examples on how to get started working with PI.
One thing in the naming consent as for as so remember it’s only creating one SAP for the development and we say probably and true book give the example but you need to spread out your development and you interfaces into different cantonments so that’s what, what I have to say so yes that was the practical guide to recipe PI development 2nd edition definitely its worth read you haven’t be using PI before if you have probably not the book to pickup so yes as you can see it’s a nice weather in Denmark so I guess all enjoy this. So Good bye!

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