Skills needed for SAP PI developers in 2012

I’m really happy with the progress on SAP PI. There are always coming new features you need to master, to make sure that you get the full benefit of the latest releases. We often do not want to move outside of our comfort zone to learn anything new. So we often revert back to what we know, even if it is not the best solution.

I was hosting an SAP PI skill Experts Networking Lounge at SAP Teched Madrid. At this session I was talking about all you need to learn to be an excellent SAP PI developer. I was asked about which skills that I found interesting and most useful. I gave my first impression there. But after some thought here is my best ideas.

Please watch the video to learn more of the topic.


I also wanted to ask what skills you want to learn in 2012. Fill in my survey and I’ll be able to answer from a much broader perspective. You can access the PI skills survey here. Please answer before 2/1 – 12. I’ll draw some winners of some products that I’m going to release in 2012.



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