SAP PI Architecture GSIG for SAP PI Survey

As SAP freelancers, starters and members of Global Special Interest Groups for Process Integration, comes a survey that would help each the community to evaluate and restructure tools for SAP PI.  The GSIG group works on user groups around the world which aims to further enhance SAP PI. The main reason of the survey is to have an overview on the existing tools of SAP PI.

With the help of GSIG collaboration for PI which will be conducting the survey. The final results will be turned over and used as basis for new functionality and features on SAP PI tools. The survey consists of 75 questions/suggestions which are based on Operation, Implementation Process and many more. Every user will be strictly identified to avoid spamming and identity misinterpretation.

Each member who will fill in the survey can vote using 1-5 stars on a set of topic. The voting is not mandatory for each topic but can be chosen on the topics you want to vote. If a given topic does not appeal to you, you can just leave it without any stars. You can participate on the survey by clicking the link

Through the creators of the survey, Pontus Borgström and Steven Lenaerts, you can always post for your questions and recommendations to the people in charge.

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