Which sessions to attend at SAP Teched Madrid 2011

After attending SAP Teched in Las Vegas and heading for SAP Teched Madrid. I thought that I wanted to give some pointers to some of the sessions that I could see as interesting, for SAP PI professionals.

I have recorded a video where I try to give some insights why these should be on your agenda, if you are into SAP PI.

PMC202 SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Roadmap

The introduction to what is going on with SAP PI. Learn about the direction PI will be taken.

PMC164 SAP NetWeaver Process Integration: Integration Flows Deep Dive Hands on

This is the new Eclipse based way to model integrations in SAP PI 7.3.1. It only seems to be working with the Java only integration, which is fine because SAP PI is moving that way.

PMC106 Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for System Integration

This is an introduction to using BPMN. BPMN is quite relevant for 7.3.1 because it is what will be used for all modeling. It may be good to know some of it.

PMC200 SAP Middleware Solutions and Best Practices

SAP has a lot of different middle where offerings, this session will hopefully give some feedback on what is good. From the abstract it also mentions Cross gate services, which is relevant for EDI

PMC215 Automate Business Processes Using SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP NetWeaver PI, and Custom development

This is relavant because of it could give some insights to how better to use SAP PI and how it is implemented at Volkswagen

Bonus sessions

EXP559     Excel as a SAP PI developer

EXP561     Document your SAP PI scenarios


It may also be relevant to focus on some of Business Rules Management (BRM), because it is also going to be integrated with PI 7.3.1.

And the BPMN is also a key competence that you need to learn, because it is what will be used both for the integration follows and also for the process modeling.

I hope that we meet at SAP Teched next week.


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Friday Rant about upgrading to SAP PI 7.3.1

I’m currently working on a business for upgrading a PI 7.11 system. I decided to make the following video about it.

I hope that it makes sense for you. It is probably mostly a rant about some random thoughts about PI 7.3 ehp 1.

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Time spend in the development phase of SAP PI development

Based on the results from my survey in febuary, that is published hire http://figaf.com/services/sap-process-integration-survey-2011.html, I have created a video of an interesting topic. Where do we send the time when we are developing applications. It is quite interesting where the time is spend. See the video.


To get the report go to http://figaf.com/services/sap-process-integration-survey-2011.html.

Do you find these results interesting or do they fit with your level of thought?


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Workshop to improve knowledge transfere

I had to do some knowledge transfer. I got some great learning’s from this. Please see this short video about what happened. Hopefully it will help you and inspire you to create some experiments with it.

Even I learned something and found ways to improve the scenarios to make the better fulfill the business requirements.

Is this helpful?

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