Freelance Business model for SAP profesionals

When I say that I’m a freelancer or contractor, a lot of people do find the idea interesting. I always say it is a super way to work, if you can live with lots of uncertainty. In general people outside the IT world does not really know what a freelancer is. It is a somewhat undefined concept. How can you just as an individual run a business that helps mega corporations as it is the case for SAP customers.


The uncertainty is that you do not know who you clients will be in a month or half a year and if you will have a job/project. If you can live with that then it is the most ideal form to live with.

You get paid what you are worth and you don’t have to pay for the boss and other staff resources. So it is much more interesting to work an extra hour, since you are getting paid for it.


I was working on creating a talk around being a freelancer. It gave a lot of idea on I need to create a model that describes the freelancing business with a focus on the IT world with my knowledge from the SAP world. Freelancers are used in many areas of the business world, but I think there is something that makes the IT world stand out.


So there are only 6 things that you need to focus on when you are a freelancer. All areas are important and you need to focus one or more areas at the time.


Watch the video to get more information on what the model is about and which key steps that you must take.


If you want to have the Freelance Check List that I refer to then go to

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SAP PI How To Gather Requirements For SAP PI

There are certain situations where a client and contractor may encounter a failed work. As a SAP freelancer, thorough communication and gathering important details for a SAP Project is very crucial so that the end result would be a win-win for both parties. I just remembered a story wherein I was working a project for a client and I misunderstood the requirements that they wanted to achieved.

And so I had to go back to my work and discuss details to them and I found it is not what they are looking. I began to clarify and asked them what they really wanted for their site. It was a search functionality that they were after and the more I probe. They had additional specifications.

Now I learned that working for a SAP client, you need to ask every question you need to ask for you and the client to be on the same page. Normally, asking the nature of their business and processes what they want to implement. Like for example if they want search capability for their site. I could have easily looked on my site at for what they have needed since I created some templates and documentations.

Again it is very important to gather and understand information. Critical thinking is a must when it comes to SAP PI projects. As I go along the way of my journey, I will carry this experience and improve my approach in terms of working to client’s specification for future SAP projects.

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Seven Good Advices For SAP Freelancers

On the previous posts that I share with you, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of being a SAP Freelancer. Now we moved on to a new topic which tackles about good advices for SAP Freelancers. I have listed seven things for a SAP Freelancer should take note.


When you are working as a SAP freelancer, obviously you create and build connections from different companies to long time clients this makes a SAP freelancer more popular of his profession. In order to establish the trust and confidence of your clients, you need to have a blog or have a social platform like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so that the people that will be working with you will know where to contact you and see your portfolios.


As you go along on your journey as a freelancer doing SAP projects, the challenges for looking projects will be difficult which is why online recruiters that are in need of SAP freelancers whether a short term or long term collaboration should be prepared with the interview. You need to remember that each client and recruiter are looking for that skills that will meet their needs and you as a SAP freelancer should be able to deliver the necessary product.  Make a list of your portfolios and recent projects you have accomplished so that once a recruiter would need a sample of your work, you have something to present and remember also make a list of those references where the project was successful.

Get Help

With the various projects you would be dealing as a SAP freelancer, you will come across with the easy down to the difficult ones. Sometimes, you want to implement something but don’t know where to start. This is the time your connections works. Say if you’re just starting as a SAP freelancer, it is recommended that you get advice to Senior SAP freelancers for an advice of a particular project. You’ll gain something that will help you finished your project or solve the problem.

Have 6 Months Buffer

As a SAP freelancer, projects can stay for long or end in a breeze. A timeline for a specific project that you chose is very important before accepting so that you have everything organized. If there is a big project that needs to be work on in fast manner, then basically that translates to big money. You should manage to save some of those funds. It is always best to save for the rainy days. This scenario is to prepare yourself when you get sick or you need to have medication.

Know Your Rates

When you work on particular project may it be as freelance SAP Consultant or moderator, you should be able to gauge your rates competitively. If the client is negotiate on your rate perhaps you could give them some leeway but if the project is too tedious and the budget of the client is small then don’t be hesitant to ask for an additional but just make sure you’ll deliver.

New Skills

As a SAP Freelancer, you will faced a number of project some may require you to learn new skills or study new software. It is important that you keep yourself updated so that if a client questions you on the SAP Project you are working, you’ll be able to provide a definite answer or a solution to their query. New skills also translate more revenue. The more complex a project is the more money you can ask on your client.

Blog your Contributions

With all the hard work you have accomplished in completing those SAP projects for different clients, you should be able to share these things to your audience. This will allow you to be recognizing as an expert on SAP and be able to help other aspiring SAP freelancers.

Whether you’re just starting as a novice or already an expert in SAP Freelancing, with the right attitude, dedication and effort, you can never go wrong with your career.

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Five Great Things Why Being A SAP Freelancer sucks!

In this modern world, there are a number of career paths that a SAP Freelancer could benefit depending on the skills and projects that is in lined. But to establish as a legitimate and recognized SAP Freelancer can be challenging. Listed below are the reasons why being a SAP Freelancer can be difficult.


While most freelancers working in SAP may have all the time to work on their own and spend vacation, the work behind a SAP freelancer has no definite time. The work can end soon or earlier than expected. This is the difficult part of being a freelancer in SAP. You get to work your own but your contract depends on your client whether he/she wants to rehire you to do another project or refer you to others.


You may be thinking vacation is a big comfort that a SAP Freelancer should enjoy but to be honest its not. Yes, you can have all the time and days you want to spend your vacation but you need to remember as a freelancer, you spent the money based on the project you worked on. Unlike, if you are employed in a SAP Consultancy Company, you get paid when you take vacation. You need not to worry about the expenses you’re going to spend since some vacations are paid and at times shouldered by the company itself as a reward courtesy of hard work. Likewise, when you get injured then as a freelancer you need to spend your own money unlike if you’re employed by a company your health insurance will take care of it.


As a SAP Freelancer your role can be multi-facet which means you need to do a lot of things for your client. You may need to send them an invoice, issue a refund when a client is dissatisfied, attending to many clients with tight deadlines. See, you tend to be working alone all by yourself not unlike when you are employed in a company, your work schedule is fixed and by the time you finished your work in the office, you no longer have to work on other things but take a rest inside your home.  You get paid in a fixed month, insurance have been secured as well as taxes. So as a SAP freelancer is not an easy responsibility.

Selling yourself

Freelancing which relates to SAP Projects requires you as a freelancer to have the right skills and right portfolio so that your client will entrust you the project that you’ll be working. You need to build your name and earn your reputation in SAP Freelancing which can really be too difficult to handle. Unlike when you apply in a company, you just need to prepare one thing the interview and the exam so that you’ll be hired.


Lowest Rank

Last but not the least, as a SAP freelancer you don’t have the chance to be promoted or have a raised perhaps on your work performance. When you are employed in SAP Consultancy, these opportunities are already present; you just need to work hard for it.

At the end of the day, if you decide to work as a SAP Freelancer or apply to a company it’s a matter of choice. The decision lies on you whether which path you want to take.

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