A System Landscape Directory Overview: SAP PI Architecture

When we talked about SAP PI architecture, there is a lot of different areas to be confused about. You need to take note that the SAP PI contains multiple component which only means, those components worked together as a group for various integration instances. The components are usually applied in design time, configuration time and during run time.

In this video, you will get the full explanation about SAP PI,

On the video I discuss into detail about System Landscape Directory (SLD) by showing three different models which means 2 systems working together on one SLD. In every Process integration there can be one or two SLD systems to which information are in stored.  In every SLD, there is are components installed to which every person can view on your landscape.

When you are working on SLD, you will go through a process which means a   number of actions. First thing that you would do is to provide brief information about yourself as the owner of the system which will recognize you as the administrator. This is commonly done in systems like the “RZ70” which allows you to disseminate information from one system to the other like for instance, you want to transfer a file from a client, or assign in to a specific data base or allow access to a client to your system.

Actions can be replicated every 10 hours. You can actually duplicate all kind of systems in the “SLD Production” this contains a number of business systems. It is advisable that if you want to replicate your systems on “SLD Production” you can do it through the “SLD Production” right away to update it but you can also transport information coming from SLD through SLD Production.

Now we moved on to development in PI and how do we keep our systems organized. First thing we need to do is update our system and integrate incremental export functionality. Basically we need to back up information in the QA area then transport and import the data and systems.

But before you take this process, make sure you test them; this suits best when you are making changes in quality or production. When the changes you made in the QA, then you can transfer it production. But if you’re doing a configuration it can really be difficult. Hence when it comes to SI bridge building and other set ups make sure you to replicate your information and have a back up.

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Skills needed for SAP PI developers in 2012

I’m really happy with the progress on SAP PI. There are always coming new features you need to master, to make sure that you get the full benefit of the latest releases. We often do not want to move outside of our comfort zone to learn anything new. So we often revert back to what we know, even if it is not the best solution.

I was hosting an SAP PI skill Experts Networking Lounge at SAP Teched Madrid. At this session I was talking about all you need to learn to be an excellent SAP PI developer. I was asked about which skills that I found interesting and most useful. I gave my first impression there. But after some thought here is my best ideas.

Please watch the video to learn more of the topic.


I also wanted to ask what skills you want to learn in 2012. Fill in my survey and I’ll be able to answer from a much broader perspective. You can access the PI skills survey here. Please answer before 2/1 – 12. I’ll draw some winners of some products that I’m going to release in 2012.



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Presentation on Easy documentation in Belgium

I will be hosting a presentation on how to do easy documentation in Belgium. SAPience.be the Belgian SAP User Group is having a meeting on the 29 September 2011. It is the day just after the Global Special Interest Group for SAP PI is having their meeting. It is nice to be able to combine two events with each other.

The agenda can be found at


I’ll be talking about how to document SAP PI scenarios and message mappings.

I hope to see you in Belgium otherwise; we may meet in Teched in Madrid.

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Move an Integration Directory or Repository outside the screen

Are you often have connected an external screen to your computer and are working with SAP PI? I have a screen that I often connect to. If I put the Integration Builder or ES Repository on the screen that is being disconnected, the application will start on that screen next time. You cannot move it back to the main screen with the mouse.

There is a simple trick to make this happen. Hold the ALT key, press the Arrow Down and until Move is selected. Then you can move the Window back to the window that you have. You can see how this works on this video.

If you find it helpfull please leave a comment.

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