#sapphirenow day 1

The was the first day of Sapphirenow

I had hoped to be able to see the spaceshittle launch from the orlando convention center. But that was not possible, because of the clouds.

What have I seen the first day at Sapphirenow.
The first keynote/pannel session was quite interesting. It was about what is going to happen in the technology as well as economicy. There was a talk about the guniues h1b visa’ and about that was what keep the us innovation intact. But it had not not a lot to do with SAP.

I had a listened to a good session around Gateway. Gateway seems to be able to create large changes in the way data is exposed to users. It allows other than just abap developers to develop applications based on SAP data. It can change a big change in the way sap is exposed to users.
In the backend there is the ability to model bapis,Rfc, BOR objects or screens to a exposeable model. The data is exposed as a Odata or SAP data.

Then there was Michael Eisner former CEO from Disney. He talked about how partners make a difference in how to create bigger results. It was quite interesting how to hear him talk about his ideas on partners and creativity.
The shooting scene from indiana jones was because Harison Ford was feeling bad the day of the filming.
Also a point about you have to take risks. As a CEO you also needed to go in to details in some points.

Last I saw the finals in the HANA olympics. It was interesting to see the demos. There was a lot of progress since the initial hana olympics. It was posible to see that a lot of record was used to run fast. There still misses a production ui on the demos.

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