SAP PI How To Gather Requirements For SAP PI

There are certain situations where a client and contractor may encounter a failed work. As a SAP freelancer, thorough communication and gathering important details for a SAP Project is very crucial so that the end result would be a win-win for both parties. I just remembered a story wherein I was working a project for a client and I misunderstood the requirements that they wanted to achieved.

And so I had to go back to my work and discuss details to them and I found it is not what they are looking. I began to clarify and asked them what they really wanted for their site. It was a search functionality that they were after and the more I probe. They had additional specifications.

Now I learned that working for a SAP client, you need to ask every question you need to ask for you and the client to be on the same page. Normally, asking the nature of their business and processes what they want to implement. Like for example if they want search capability for their site. I could have easily looked on my site at for what they have needed since I created some templates and documentations.

Again it is very important to gather and understand information. Critical thinking is a must when it comes to SAP PI projects. As I go along the way of my journey, I will carry this experience and improve my approach in terms of working to client’s specification for future SAP projects.

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Skills needed for SAP PI developers in 2012

I’m really happy with the progress on SAP PI. There are always coming new features you need to master, to make sure that you get the full benefit of the latest releases. We often do not want to move outside of our comfort zone to learn anything new. So we often revert back to what we know, even if it is not the best solution.

I was hosting an SAP PI skill Experts Networking Lounge at SAP Teched Madrid. At this session I was talking about all you need to learn to be an excellent SAP PI developer. I was asked about which skills that I found interesting and most useful. I gave my first impression there. But after some thought here is my best ideas.

Please watch the video to learn more of the topic.


I also wanted to ask what skills you want to learn in 2012. Fill in my survey and I’ll be able to answer from a much broader perspective. You can access the PI skills survey here. Please answer before 2/1 – 12. I’ll draw some winners of some products that I’m going to release in 2012.



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Getting around the security settings on SAP Netweaver 7.3 webservices

I had a task where I was working on creating some webservice for a client. One of my issues was that I needed to have authentication so it was only users running as administrators. We had implemented a webservice solution on Netweaver 7.0. On NW70 there were no problems in setting up the security settings. But on NW 7.3 I ran into problems. I decided to share this part with you, so you don’t have to find the solution yourself.

I was under the impression that it was possible to use the following statements to make sure that only administrators can call the webservice.



class AuthlogonBean implements AuthlogonLocal {

The allowed roles statement worked. Just remember to fill in the ejb-j2ee-engine with the security-permission and the role map.

But the authenticationDT does not work on the systems that I have tested. This part could not work, and destroyed the endpoints. I just removed the line as seen in the video.

Then I created a new end point in the NWA.

Watch the video to see more on how this works.


I know that this is just a work around and that the problem should be fixed, but I could manage to find a solution for it.

I hope that this helps you.

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